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rawr! Snog-age.

Who: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black

Where: Their dorm.

Why: Cause there's tons of UST there. ;)

Rating: M (for Mature)

Remus could hear the thundering footsteps of Sirius's boots coming up the stairs to their dormitory. A large smile spread across his usual calm features once seing Sirius standing at the door way. "Close the door and come here." he murmured huskily while standing and walking over once Siirus closed the door. Pressing his lips over the other boy's, Remus could fight his urge to pounce the boy he loved so dearly.
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Running, running, running...through the portrait hole, through the common room, tearing around armchairs and scattered books on the floor...taking the stairs three at a towards the open door of the dormitory -

All he could see was Remus. He stood in the doorway, overcome with desire, unable to believe that this amazing person could have such an effect on him. He closed the door, and took only one step into the room before the other boy closed his arms around him, pushing him back against the door, kissing him soundly.

Sirius loved the spontenaiety of it all - the quick meetings in the corridors, the hurried kisses between classes in the bathrooms...He was seeing a side of Remus he had never seen before. And the more he saw it, the more he liked it.

Sirius kissed Remus back, sliding his hands up to Remus' neck, running his hands through his hair. He moved his hands between them to Remus' collar. He undid the first button, then the second, then the third...
A shiver ran up his spine once he felt Sirius's hands on him as such. Moaning into Sirius's mouth Remus could feel the blood rushing through his veins the sent of arousal filling his senses as he let out a small gasp of breath feeling the buttons if his shirt being properly popped off one by one. Opening his eyes, he stared face to face into Sirius's eyes how the shinned with promise, Remus shivered slightly as he pressed another kiss between them, this time slower. His own hands blindly searching for Sirius as he found them he joined their hands together, feeling the heat of his palms until he felt the coolness of the air hit his bare chest.
Remus' shirt lay in a heap on the floor. Sirius entwined his fingers with Remus'; he pressed himself closer to Remus' bare chest, feeling the hot skin through his shirt. A jolt of desire ran through Sirius as Remus moaned again. He couldn't stand it any longer. He disentangled himself from Remus' hands, broke the kiss - then pulled his shirt off over his head.
"Oh Sirius..." Remus whispered watching Sirius hastily remove his shirt. The smaller boy watched as lust and desire began to take shape and form into the boy he loved. The boy with longish black locks, firm hot skin and two eyes of startling gray. Feeling himself blush terribly, Remus couldn't help but raise his hand so as to run his fingers through that head of hair, "I love you," he whispered into those eyes, "so very much."
Sirius stared into the beautiful brown eyes he loved, then bent his head. "I love you, too," he whispered into Remus' ear. He softly kissed Remus neck, planting a row of kisses down to Remus' collarbone. Remus gave a little gasp at this point. Sirius decided he must have liked it, so he kept going. It wasn't until he dragged himself away from Remus' beautiful neck to ravish his wonderful lips again that he noticed the three round red marks now marring Remus' neck...
Remus gave into the sensations that Sirius's mouth cause on his skin, he loved it, savored it even. They way his own skin began to burn against Sirius's touch. His hands rested on that well sculpted chest, feeling the contours of the ridges of muscle and bone over hot skin. Agonizingly slowly, Remus dragged his nails lightly over the skin until his fingers reached onto the belt and buckle of Sirius's trousers, which now Rmeus seem most curious to remove and see what lay underneath the fabric. "May I?" a slow smile teased his lips as his hands seemed to have a mind of their own began to pop the button and remove the straps of the buckle.
"May I?" The question took a moment to register in Sirius' mind. Then he understood. Oh, he wants to undo my belt. Wait, he's already undone my belt. Wai- he's already undone my belt?! Sirius' mind went completely blank for a moment. This was it. Finally, after all this time, they were getting closer to it. Suddenyl his instincts took over. Before his pants had even been unzipped by Remus' nimble fingers, Sirius had leaned forward and caught Remus' mouth in another fiery kiss, while his hands fumbled with Remus' own belt buckle. Sirius felt his pants sliding down over his knees; he kicked off his shoes and untangled his legs from the pants, trying not to break the kiss. Then Remus' pants fell too...
He gasped against their kiss once Remus felt the sensation of heated, naked thighs pressed against his own. He didn't know how he ended up on his back a second later, not to mention of course how they managed to reach his own bed, but that didn't matter to him any longer just so long as he knew that this wasn't a dream. Feeling Sirius's erection pressed against his inner leg through the frabic of his boxers caused Remus's mind to swim, this was bliss, it certainly was... pulling away from those prefect beautiful lips, Remus began to kiss his way along that long curved neck. Nipping and kissing the skin until he reached the line between the neck and shoulder. Testing the skin in question with his teeth, Remus bit down and began to suckle it, until at last there was noting but a rose colored bruise one he let go. "You look perfect with my mark love..." he said breathlessly while running his fingers through Sirius's sweat drenched locks.
Sirius' mind was in a whirl. He was caught up in it all, swept away in the tangle of emotions which were rapidly making their presence felt in the lower part of his body. All of a sudden they were on Remus' bed; Sirius had no memory of straddling Remus' thighs, but he didn't need to pinch himself to know that he was now very much doing so. He really couldn't understand how they were still attached at the mouth; his lips felt almost bruised with the intensity of their kissing.
Remus suddenly pulled away from Sirius' mouth and concentrated his attentions on Sirius' neck. Sirius gave a shuddering gasp as he felt Remus' teeth graze his skin, and felt lips suckling hungrily. Sirius felt another surge of adrenalin course through his entire body. He could feel Remus' erection, so strong it was as if they were flesh to flesh. He leaned in as if to kiss those soft lips again, but instead slid down and flicked his tongue over one bared nipple, tantalisingly slowly, so that Remus gave a loud groan. Then, wanting to tease Remus as much as he could, Sirius began to play with the waistband of Remus' boxer shorts...
Remus gave a loud sharp whine and writhed against the sheets of his bed. His his rolled provocatively against Sirius as though silently begging to be touched. please he thought desperately. Please Sirius...
That groan from Remus was enough to send Sirius almost crazy with desire. Painfully hard himself, he kept fiddling with Remus' waistband, resisting the urge to thrust. "Something you were wanting, Moony?" he asked, panting, with a slight grin on his face. "I'm afraid I - I don't d-do body language," he gasped, as another shudder went through his body. "You're going to have to make it a little clearer, Moony," he whispered, finally slipping his hand into Remus' boxers to grasp his throbbing cock...