Sirius the Superior. Sirius Black is also OK. (bigfootblack) wrote in marauders__rpg,
Sirius the Superior. Sirius Black is also OK.

who: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black

what: Sirius is about to meet Remus. He's angry as all hell, and he wants answers.

where: The east wing hallway Remus asked Sirius to meet him at.

rating: PG-R (maybe)

Sirius marched down the third floor corridor. He was so angry, so completely enraged, that he could hardly see where his feet were taking him. He strode down another corridor, up a few more flights of stairs, and found himself facing a blank wall. He'd gone the wrong way.

Cursing aloud, he wheeled around and walked in the other direction. The sheer nerve, he thought to himself as he passed empty classrooms and snoring paintings. The sheer nerve of him, still wanting to meet me when he's already insulted and hurt me beyond belief. Remus had already told him what he thought about what had gone on between them. Remus seemed to think that it had all been in jest; that it was just a bit of fun. Sirius had other ideas.

Hadn't this been waiting to happen for years now? Sirius had known that he was different from the middle of third year. It had been two weeks after his fourteenth birthday. Sally Browning had been eyeing him off for a while; so he asked her to go with him into Hogsmeade that weekend. They had wandered around the village for an hour or so, and then had climbed up to the Shrieking Shack. At this point, Sirius had plucked up his courage and kissed Sally.

He returned from Hogsmeade that afternoon rather confused. He had heard the older boys exclaiming about how good it felt to kiss so-and-so, and what a thrill it would be to snog whats-her-face. But when Sirius had kissed Sally, he had felt...


Nothing at all. Not even a vague spark of interest.

That night, he had dreamed about Remus, for some strange reason.

After that, every girl he kissed seemed to have the face of Remus when he kissed them. At least that way he could feign interest in whoever he was snogging.

All through fourth year, Sirius had watched an unwitting Remus, watched him until he had memorised every line around his eyes, every freckle across his nose, every long eyelash. And Sirius started to notice things. He noticed that Remus never bragged about any romantic conquests of his, not even when they came back from their summer holidays. He never seemed quite as interested in boobs as was normal for a fifteen-year-old hormone-charged male.

And so, Sirius has watched and waited. And finally the waiting had been rewarded. Remus started taking notcie of Sirius; it seemed to have finally clicked, that they were both more interested in boys than in girls, and more interested in each other than in anything else. There was flirting, there was teasing...

And then this. Sirius would remember every word of what Remus had said for the rest of his ife, he was sure. "We're friends, right? Close friends? And you know that I would do anything for you, right? I was just wondering, if, um, took it seriously all the things I've been saying these last few days? And that, if you're angry at me for saying such things?" Remus had thought it was a joke. Sirius felt like a fool; he felt he had been used, jilted. But what hurt him so deeply was that Remus clearly had no idea of Sirius' feelings towards him. If he had, he would never have led him on so, Sirius was sure. He would have broken it to him gently, he would have been kind, and not so hurtful as to brush away their flirting as a game of pretend.

But now was not the time for reminiscing about what might have been. Now was the time for Sirius to find Remus and yell at him until his lungs tore.
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