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Marauders Era RPG

{{ The Marauders Era RPG }}
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“Marauders Era RPG” marauders__rpg is a role-playing game set in 1976, the year that the Marauders, Lily, Snape and etc were in their fifth year. To watch all the action, go to our friends page. And while you're at it, monitor our community. There are many positions yet to be filled, so consider applying.

It is currently taking applications for characters.

There are two head moderators. nabii  (myself) and chrissysparkle However, applications will be sent to marauders.era.rpg@gmail.com

Sorry, but there has to be rules … just read over them so you know how this works. You probably do anyway, if you’ve read any RPGs before.

1.) I’m not really planning to include original characters, so for the time being, no OCs. They usually end up as Mary-Sues or Gary-Stues. However, if you’re already a player and you can prove that you’ll create a really excellent OC in addition to your marauders__rpg character, then just email us.

2.) Each character will have his/her own livejournal. The journal will be completely separate from your personal accounts; however, you can still plug for your marauders__rpg journal in your personal bio.

You will be required to update at least weekly. If there is something that restricts you from doing so, please email.

3.) No unnecessary swearing. Of course, you can swear, but don’t just curse for the sake of it.

5.) No God-modding. If you want another character to do something, ask the player and get permission. Eg, Lily’s player has to check with James’ player before complaining about him asking her out again over the course of the day, so continuity is kept.

6.) This is a livejournal RPG. However, I do encourage the players interact over AIM or MSN. These conversation logs should be posted under a cut at marauder_rpglog so other players know what is going on.

AIM and MSN are not mandatory, but if you do not have it you’ll probably be rather lost.

7.) In your characters journal, EVERYTHING must be posted as your character. Any out-of-character posts will go to marauder_rpgooc.

8.) It would be extremely helpful if you had rich-text or a good knowledge of LJ codes. You must know how to use LJ cuts, and how to edit your text.

9.) One character per person for newbies.

Any form of relationship is fine, including slash. Anyone can get with anyone else; however, you know how it will all end up. (Lily/James, Narcissa/Malfoy …)

To begin with, I’d like just “day in the life” posts. Plotlines will later develop.

First, check to see if the character you want is still available. If they are, send an email to marauders.era.rpg@gmail.com with your desired character’s name in the subject header.

Questions, comments and queries go to mrs.dan.radcliffe@gmail.com or emma_88_348@hotmail.com .

Please include the following in your application:

Your name (or Internet nickname):
LJ Username (your personal username):
E-mail Address:
Past RP Experience (if any):
Year and House:
Sample LJ Entry*:

~~ Also, if you have any plot ideas or pairings for your character that you would like to tell me about, do so in the application.

* a sample journal entry. Absolutely necessary it doesn’t have to be very long at all, half a page at the most, but I need to know how you are with this character. Just a ‘what I did today’.

Once you've sent the application, click on the 'join community' link at the top of this page and you'll hear back from me in a day. And once I say you're in, e-mail me back with the username for your character's journal. (Pick out a username. Make it fun =))

After I approve you, you will be one of these characters!
It will mostly be first-come first-serve, however if two people send their applications in before I check my e-mail I'll base the decision off the quality of the characterization.

James Potter - jprongspotter { sweetbelle07 }
Sirius Black - bigfootblack { chrissysparkle }  
Remus Lupin - lupinswolf { miss_angie_ }
Peter Pettigrew -  
Lily Evans - greeneyedcharm { birthrights }  
Bellatrix Lestrange Black - xbella_bx { nabii }  
Rodoplphus Lestrange -  
Emmeline Vance - miss_vance_  
Severus Snape - halfaprince { dizmo }  
Regulus Black - _black_heir  
Kingsley Shacklebolt -
Mundungus Fletcher -
Gideon Prewitt -
Fabian Prewitt -
Marlene McKinnon -
Alice Longbottom -  
Frank Longbottom -  
Evan Rosier -  
Andromeda Black -  
Dorcas Meadowes -
Bertha Jorkins -  
Dedalus Diggle -
Sturgis Podmore -
Benjy Fenwick -
Edgar Bones -
Hestia Jones -  
Narcissa Malfoy -
Marlene McKinnon -

I’ve kept it to everyone who *would* be around the same age … I don’t really want to stuff up the space-time-continuum. However, I have included Narcissa – I think she is an interesting character and would be younger than Lucius.

If you have a question as to who any of these people are, or how they are related to our dear marauders, feel free to e-mail me or just check The Lexicon

By the way, the two head mods:


I’m Nabii, my LJ username is nabii and my email is mrs.dan.radcliffe@gmail.com

My MSN username is mrs__dan__radcliffe@hotmail.com

AIM screenname is mrshpotter666


Emma’s LJ username is chrissysparkle and her email is emma_88_348@hotmail.com
MSN username is as above ^^